Month: August 2006

The Sky Might Be Falling

Not too long ago, I read a product review of crosscut shredders in a popular financial magazine. Under the guise of promoting personal security to prevent identity theft, a reviewer put a handful of shredders through a set of tests. One of the tests was […]

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Tracking Moving Objects

A few images from the past few workdays of my life, and some explanation: To the left is a tag cloud associated with vulnerabilities. These are pouring into an ASERT-internal application we use to track activity in news and vuln reports, as well as malware […]

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hax0rs vs. Ivory Tower (vs demoscene ;-)

USENIX security and Blackhat collided for the first time this year. While the rest of my coworkers bounced between parties^H^H^H^H presentations in Vegas, I sat in a Vancouver hotel room reviewing papers with a program committee between talks. The divide between those who break and […]

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