Month: December 2006

Snipers from Southeast Asia

In 2006 we saw an increase in the number of attacks targeting Windows, specifically MS Office, file formats. We’ve seen some also attack WinAmp and other media players, and even a few targeting AV software and file formats, but MS Office appears to be the […]

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Phriday Phishing

I sure do post a lot about phishing here, don’t I? It’s because it’s such a fascinating subject, mixing the motives of the attacker, sometimes some code analysis (ie deconstructing their JavaScript), and victim analysis. I had a look at the recent data shared by […]

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Blacklist Attacks

You know you’re doing something right when you get attacked. Shortly after their appearance, specifically their widespread appearance in browsers such as FireFox 2 and Internet Explorer 7, anti-phishing toolbars have come under attack. The attacks are pretty much what you would expect: move quickly […]

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