Month: April 2007

Nirbot Neutered?

ATLAS is one of my dreams coming to fruition. I love data, and I love a global view. Watching and measuring the recent Nirbot activity is the sort of thing is what I love about it, and I think it’s something that other people love […]

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Peeling The Covers Off of Rock

For the past couple of years, at least, we have been watching a sophisticated, disciplined phishing scheme targeting dozens of banks around the world. By some estimates, “Rock” is responsible for about half of all phishing in the world. Rock phishes have a pretty simple […]

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Free AntiRootkit Software

As a complement to a recent post I made here with a list of free online AV scanners, I’d like to share with you a list of free AntiRootkit software for your PC. Especially in light of this past week’s ANI-related malware spate and the […]

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