Month: September 2007

Stormy Skies

A couple of third-party reports on the Storm Worm (aka Peacomm, aka Nuwar, aka Tibs, aka Zheltin, aka CME-711). The first is a detailed binary analysis of the malcode involved in the Storm Worm from Frank Boldewin. This is one of the only such analysis […]

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Bandwidth Caps and Broadband Routers

I’ve been reading lately about how Comcast has “clarified” their “excessive use” policy for broadband users. In Comcast Clarifies High Speed Extreme Use Policy (, the company says it’s bout 90 GB in a month, or “the equivalent of 30,000 songs, 250,000 pictures or 13 […]

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Today’s RADAR

I’ve been looking at ATLAS data for the past few days, looking at new features to add to ATLAS and also for real data coming out of it. In short, the world’s not ending, we’re just looking at possible exploit activity. UDP port 407, used […]

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