Month: December 2007

Storm and 2008 – New Campaign

Hot on the heels of their quick Christmas campaign, the Storm Worm team is back with a New Year’s theme. This time they’re using two new domains (shown in order of appearance): Emails look basically like you would expect them to: Date: […]

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Storm is Back, Dude!

The Storm Worm is back, this time it’s got a Christmas theme. Who knew that it would take them so long to do this? Here’s a sample mail: Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 21:19:19 -0500 From: To: — Subject: Find Some Christmas Tail got […]

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Orkut XSS Worm

Overnight I got a handful of “Person X has written you a scrapbook entry” mails from Orkut, Google’s social network. Not just spams claiming to be from Orkut, and not a Phishing attack. I got suspicious, this sort of thing suggested a malware attack on […]

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