Month: May 2008

AusCERT 2008 Wrap-Up

Well, I’m in the Red Carpet Club at LAX, just landed from SYD, after a trip there from Gold Coast, Australia and the AusCERT 2008 conference. This was my first AusCERT meeting, and I was there as an invited speaker, and found that the conference […]

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Hello from KL

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I’m here for the IMPACT Alliance summit. We’ve spent the past few days discussing strategy and approaches for combating global Internet, including cyber terrorism, fraud, and the like through coordinated international cooperation. There’s a lot of ground to break […]

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Uprooting of the DNS Root

The folks at Renesys pointed out earlier this week some interesting activity surrounding the L-root name server, highlighting some activity that should give us all yet another reason to be concerned about the security and integrity of the Internet DNS. In short, L-root, operated by […]

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YouTube Diversifies DNS; Google Next?

Just a week after several DNS quirks cost YouTube some downtime, they appear to have added a great deal of redundancy to their previous setup, which left much to be desired. They’ve now got 7 authoritative servers listed, addressed from 3 discrete netblocks (, […]

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Someone nudged me a little while ago and asked if I was aware of any issues with I plugged into my browser to no avail. I then tried to resolve’s DNS name to an IP address, to no avail. So, I had […]

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Red Carpet Club – Free WIFI!

So, I’m sitting in the Red Carpet Club in the San Francisco Airport, headed back home to Denver in a bit. Having independently discovered last week that Red Carpet Club members could now get Internet access for free via T-Mobile, I was eager to get […]

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A Case Study in Transparency

One of the overriding themes in the Network Neutrality debate, and what triggered much of the recent activity with Comcast and the FCC, has to do with transparency.  Or in the recent words of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, “Consumers must be completely informed about the […]

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Using RPKI to Construct Validated IRR Data

As has been discussed here many times in the past, one of the most fragile and vulnerable components of the Internet infrastructure is the global routing system. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is used to exchange destination reachability information (routes) between different autonomous systems (AS) […]

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