Month: January 2009

Quick RFI Analysis

I’ve started to collect RFI attempts, logging the attacking IP and what the URL they’re trying to include is. I’ve started to work on this because I’m looking for certain botnets and tools used by them, and they’re not accessible otherwise. This seems like an […]

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KY Slippery Slope Averted

The State of Kentucky Court of Appeals yesterday overturned(pdf) Franklin County Circuit Judge Wingate’s ruling that resulted in 141 gambling domain names being confiscated in September of 2008(pdf).    Judge Wingate had said the names constituted “gambling devices” subject to the court’s in rem jurisdiction, however, […]

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The Great Obama Traffic Flood

Streaming video traffic coverage of Obama’s inauguration flooded North American backbones today. Traffic increases varied wildly across US providers with some seeing an overall 5% increase in backbone traffic and others jumping more than 40%. This multi terabit per second flood represents one of the […]

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