Month: October 2012

Trojan.Prinimalka: Bits and Pieces

Trojan.Prinimalka is a banking trojan associated with an attack campaign that received quite a bit of press in October 2012. “Project Blitzkrieg” is “a new cybecriminal [sic] project aimed at recruiting 100 botmasters to help launch a series of lucrative online heists targeting 30 U.S. […]

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News and Updates

  Its been very busy couple of weeks at Packetloop leading up to our presentation last weekend at Ruxcon. A lot of work has happened to finalise the commercial release of Packetloop, as we continue to work with our Early Access users, understanding and incorporating […]

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Finding Needles in Haystacks @ Ruxcon

Yesterday I was in Melbourne presenting “Finding Needles in Haystacks (the size of countries)” at Ruxcon. If you are looking for the latest version of the slides they are here – [PDF] [Slideshare]. It was an awesome conference with high quality presentations. Special thanks to Chris […]

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