5 minutes with Packetloop Beta

Thanks for the terrific response we have had to the launch of the Packetloop Beta!

For those of you that want to check it out but creating an account is too much for you here is a video 😉 Remember this is the Beta. We have some tricks left for our commercial launch.

The key features the video reinforces are;

  • Analysis of attacks within massive full packet capture datasets is simple and fast.
  • Zoom in from years to minutes [wicked fast] with no loss of fidelity.
  • Pan left and right to go forward and back in your timeline.
  • View attacks from different perspectives or lenses.
  • Filter or Search on any criteria and make it relevant to the time period being analysed.
  • Guides help identify anomalies and outliers.
  • Data panels provide additional information and are linked to the period being analysed.
You could read all these bullet points but what I really want you to do is enjoy/love using the product 🙂 So signup and give your mouse wheel a scroll and feel the power of zooming in and out and filtering on anything that interests you.

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