A Letter to Larry & Sergey

Dear Larry & Sergey,

What up, ‘fellas? Thanks for swinging through my house party last weekend. I’m glad to see you’re still able to hang UMich style 🙂 Oh, and before I forget, Halle says thanks for the wicked “Kid ‘n Play”-style break-dancing you two put on at the party. Good to know you can still get down.

Damn, this custom search engine thing is mighty slick! I started diddling around with it on Monday evening, and created an infosec-specific search engine. However, what I really dig is the ability to have the community refine and expand it to make it more encompassing of sites I missed (and there’s a ton of ’em!). For the past few years, your little project has been tremendously helpful in allowing me to conduct infosec-specific searches, however, I usually ended up defaulting to manual browsing through a handful of trusted sites to deliver vetted data. With your latest baby, you’ve given my fellow security dweebs and I the power to really develop a usable, community-driven search engine specific to our needs as infosec operators.

Anyway, when you get a chance, check out my engine. When you’re not busy cornering the way we search for all kinds of media, I’d love it if you actively participated and refined the engine by signing up as a contributor. (BTW, damn you for limiting how many people I can actually invite! I guess I’ll just have to blog about this somewhere and have people sign up to volunteer, considering there’s no limit on the number of folks that approach me to help … 😉

Oh, one more note…kudos to whoever thought up Google Marker. It makes things SO helpful…it’s so nice to browse around sites of interest and automatically “bookmark” that site with the engine. It’s working great with Firefox 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.4.8.

Alright, hit me on the cell later today; I still need to mail you those “Beat Ohio State” t-shirts I promised!


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