ASERT, ATLAS and meaningful security capabilities

In my two years at Arbor, I have come to recognize that we have a stable of talented experts in various areas of security and networking research who have much to offer in the way of meaningful analysis and threat research. Under the leadership of Jose Nazario, Arbor Networks has invested in and grown our Arbor Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) to include notable experts such as Jeff Edwards, Curt Wilson, Roland Dobbins, and Bill Cerveny, to name a few.

Over the last two years in particular, Arbor has grown as a company both in the solutions we provide and the problems those solutions enable our customers to solve. Most people, among our customers and across the industry as a whole, understand the thought leadership and expertise ASERT delivers through our blog, and the technical expertise we provide through our security reports and frequent media appearances.

I wanted to take a few minutes and explain the importance of ASERT, ATLAS, and the Security Intelligence they provide. I would also like to introduce a strategic addition to the security research team who will drive new capabilities and areas of focus for Arbor Networks.

ASERT is a world-renowned group of security engineers and researchers dedicated to monitoring Internet threats at all times. With ASERT, service providers and enterprises gain the expertise needed to reinforce their overworked security response groups and optimize the defense of their entire network infrastructure. ASERT lets our customers and products detect and mitigate DDoS attacks, worms and other security threats long before they impact business service availability and integrity.

In partnership with our service provider customers, Arbor Networks launched ATLAS in February 2007, creating the world’s largest distributed darknet sensor network. Today, ATLAS sees 24Tbps of Internet traffic. For Arbor customers, ATLAS delivers a globally scoped view of malicious traffic traversing the backbone networks that form the Internet’s core. Additionally, the ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF) provides built-in, automated protection from virtually all known botnets plus a real-time update service that protects customers from new botnets as they emerge. No other vendor can deliver the combination of micro- and macro-level visibility like Arbor does.

In concert with our investments in ASERT and ATLAS, we have focused on increasing the capabilities of our solutions via new products, such as the enterprise and data center focused Pravail Availability Protection System. Pravail APS is a purpose-built platform to identify and block application-layer DDoS attacks that threaten enterprise and data center availability.

With that backdrop, I am excited to announce an important addition to the leadership team at Arbor Networks. Dan Holden has joined Arbor Networks, reporting directly to me as Director of Security Research, responsible for overseeing and leading the strategy and execution of Arbor’s ASERT, ATLAS, and overall Security Research mission.

There are a few reasons why it was the right time to bring on an executive level leader for Security Research:

• To add to Arbor, someone who has successful built out world class, marketplace differentiated research functions that span both Service Providers and Enterprise
• To provide complimentary, new DNA into the team as we expand and grow our security research function and evolve our products to take on new types of security problems
• To work with Dr. Jose Nazario, Senior Manager of Security Research, and provide an unprecedented “one-two punch” in the expertise and capabilities we can provide our customers.

I am excited for Arbor Networks but more importantly, I am excited for our customers as they get to benefit most directly from Dan, Jose, and the rest of the security research and intelligence team we have assembled here at Arbor. Welcome aboard, Dan, we are fortunate and excited to have you join the Arbor team!

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