Author: Carlos Morales

Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales is the Vice President of Global Sales Engineering and Operations at Arbor Networks. He is responsible for pre-sales technical support, design, consulting and implementation services for Arbor customers and partners worldwide. He is also responsible for sales approvals, sales processing, maintenance contracts, forecasting, data analysis and reporting for Arbor. Mr. Morales works closely with Arbor’s customers and strategic and integration partners to ensure ongoing product interoperability and to set the direction for new product features. He has more than 15 years of experience implementing security, routing and access solutions in service provider, cloud and enterprise networks. Mr. Morales’ background includes management positions at Nortel Networks, where he served as the director of systems engineering for Nortel’s access products. Formerly, he was systems engineering director for Tiburon Networks and held systems engineering roles at Shiva Corporation, Crescent Networks and Hayes Microcomputer.

Security Limitations of Dialup

Most of the security discussions that I have involving infected hosts on the Internet tend to be focused around broadband users. It’s true: DSL, Cable modem and other high speed access technologies have given miscreants who own bot armies unbelievable amounts of bandwidth with which […]

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Say NO to RFPs!

I don’t know who dislikes RFPs more: vendors who have to answer them or customers who have to create them and then read all the responses. There aren’t too many things that waste more time than RFPs. I understand the original premise of these: they […]

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