Author: Dug Song

Can I get a WOOT! WOOT!

After Blackhat and DEFCON have blown over, come join us for WOOT! – the first USENIX Workshop On Offensive Technologies in Boston on August 6th, colocated with USENIX Security 07. We realize this is extremely short notice for authors (just over a month), but are […]

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hax0rs vs. Ivory Tower (vs demoscene ;-)

USENIX security and Blackhat collided for the first time this year. While the rest of my coworkers bounced between parties^H^H^H^H presentations in Vegas, I sat in a Vancouver hotel room reviewing papers with a program committee between talks. The divide between those who break and […]

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Security Product Corewars: When Robots Attack

Q: What do you get when you cross PROTOS, Metasploit, SPIKE, tcpreplay, and ISIC, and then hardware-accelerate it? A: A slew of recently-launched “security analyzer” products — boxes designed to break just about anything on the network (including other security devices) by being the worst, […]

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