Author: Rob Malan

Long strange trip…

It’s time to move on. What an amazing twelve years! It’s hard to get my head around it, but building a company from 2am brainstorming sessions to a real-live company with employees, customers, and partners sprinkled all over the globe is pretty crazy. It would […]

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The importance of DARPA funding

As many of you know, Arbor Networks was founded in 2000 in order to commercialize research I did as a graduate student with Farnam Jahanian, my advisor at the electrical engineering and computer science department at the University of Michigan. The research we did, and […]

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Battling the Stupid-Bit

The Evil Bit! I’ve been thinking about RFC-3514 often over the last few quarters; that and what should be its cousin: the Stupid-Bit. I know you’re shaking your head now – poor CTO…too much time in the sales/marketing dunk tank. I’m serious, though. Not that […]

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