Author: Bill Cerveny

Bill Cerveny
Bill Cerveny is a Principal Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Arbor Networks, where he tests IPv6 and other network functionality in Peakflow/SP. Bill has been active with IPv6 since 2001, having coordinated and instructed in more than 25 IPv6 engineering workshops, overseen IPv6-related activities on a nationwide US research and education network, and assisted with IPv6 transition activities for a US government agency. He also serves as co-chair of the IETF Internet Protocol Performance Metrics (IPPM) working group. Previously, Bill worked in network engineering roles at Internet2, Advanced Network and Services and AT&T Network Services/Bell Labs. Bill holds a M.S. in Telecommunications Systems from DePaul University and a B.A. in Telecommunication Systems from Purdue University.


I’ve always found sites which test IPv6 connectivity interesting.  In 2005, I implemented the ipv6calc cgi software as part of a server-side include that reported which IPv4 or IPv6 address the visitor was using to visit the Web site.  At that time, the number of IPv6-enabled visitors […]

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IETF Discusses Deprecating IPv6 Fragments

The IETF IPv6 maintenance working group has begun discussions about deprecating IPv6 fragmented packets, spurred by the IETF Internet-Draft, “IPv6 Fragment Header Deprecated”. As one can guess, this draft has generated a lot of discussion (Although the Internet Draft discusses deprecation of the IPv6 fragment […]

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A Milestone in IPv6 Deployment

For the first time, respondents to Arbor Networks 7th annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report indicated they had observed IPv6 DDoS attacks on their networks. This marks a significant milestone in the arms race between attackers and defenders. As the chart below shows, network operators are […]

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IPv6 Extension Headers

There are a lot of similarities between IPv4 and IPv6. There are also a lot of differences, including some differences that may have security implications for network engineers who deploy IPv6. In this blog posting, I will discuss IPv6 extension headers and why network and […]

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