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The Tiger Effect

Internet Providers usually spend their time worrying about threats from hackers, link failures, and router configuration errors. Yesterday, though, many of them were worried about Tigers… Starting around 9 am Pacific and peaking at 1:30 pm yesterday, many ISPs noticed an unusual increase in traffic. […]

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AusCERT 2008 Wrap-Up

Well, I’m in the Red Carpet Club at LAX, just landed from SYD, after a trip there from Gold Coast, Australia and the AusCERT 2008 conference. This was my first AusCERT meeting, and I was there as an invited speaker, and found that the conference […]

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Net Neutrality Gumbo

I made it up to San Francisco Saturday for the USF-hosted symposium titled The Toll Roads? The Legal and Political Debate Over Net Neutrality. I dropped in just to listen, as most of the folks there, and discussions on the agenda, were more of the […]

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