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IETF Discusses Deprecating IPv6 Fragments

The IETF IPv6 maintenance working group has begun discussions about deprecating IPv6 fragmented packets, spurred by the IETF Internet-Draft, “IPv6 Fragment Header Deprecated”. As one can guess, this draft has generated a lot of discussion (Although the Internet Draft discusses deprecation of the IPv6 fragment header, deprecation of the header would effectively deprecate IPv6 fragmented […]

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Accelerating IPv6 Growth and Sunsetting IPv4

The next-generation Internet Protocol, IPv6, has experienced more growth in the last 2 years than in any other period in its 18-year existence . While there are many challenges ahead in the deployment of IPv6, IPv6 is a certain, although eventual, replacement for the currently dominant IP protocol, IPv4. As deployment of IPv6 gains momentum […]

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IPv4 Exhaustion::Trading Routing Autonomy for Security

To see who’s been paying attention, let’s kick this off with a quiz. What do the following three items have in common: Allocation authentication (i.e., titles) for Internet numbers (i.e., IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, AS Numbers) Inter-domain routing security on the Internet IPv4 exhaustion If your answer was along the likes of: 2 requires 1 […]

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