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2% of Internet Traffic Raw Sewage

For the last 18 months or so here at Arbor we’ve been recruiting ISPs that currently use Peakflow SP systems to participate in our statistics sharing program. The goal of the program is to try and better understand Internet traffic and attack characteristics over time, to include protocol and packet size distributions, attack vectors, frequency […]

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ddos de da: Internet attacks still considerable

Here at Arbor we’re working with many of our service provider partners on trying to qualify and quantify denial of service attacks and other network threats. Here are a few data points relative to DDoS attacks we’ve observed over the past 255 days of data collection: 255 days of data collection 39 ISPs participation average […]

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What’s the Future of Application Analysis in Provider Networks?

Application analysis products are in vogue. The bandwidth that is now available to broadband users has enabled providers to offer converged solutions consisting of voice, data and in some cases video to these same end users. These services provide a much-needed set of revenue streams to providers but they also present them with a lot […]

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