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Illuminating The Etumbot APT Backdoor

The Arbor Security Engineering Response Team (ASERT) has released a research paper concerning the Etumbot malware. Etumbot is a backdoor used in targeted attacks since at least March 2011. Indicators suggest that Etumbot is associated with the Numbered Panda group, also known as IXEHSE, DynCalc, and APT12.  Although previous research has covered related malware, little […]

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Economic Crisis: A Phishing and Malcode Opportunity

In the past few weeks as a flurry of global financial institutions have suffered, a lot of names have been bandied about. Some banks have merged, some banks have faltered, and some government programs have been highlighted. It turns out that this is giving some enterprising phishers and malcode authors an opportunity. They’re preying on […]

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Atrivo/Intercage Called Out as US RBN

A report from a trio of known open source security analysts is out and covers the US-based Atrivo, aka Intercage. Dubbed the “US RBN” by some, Atrivo has been, to quote someone in the business: “At almost every Internet security conference, or law enforcement seminar on cyber-crime, a presentation will detail some attack, exploit, phish […]

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Active Storm Worm Domains – Christmas, New Year’s Campaign

Based on a bunch of sources: All of these are worth blocking by DNS methods (become the local SOA, NXDOMAIN them) and looking for in your emails (look for a simple URL with those domain names near the end of […]

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