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Your DNS is an Asset (Twitter DNS Woes…)

Given all the hoopla surrounding yesterday’s Twitter outage, and the apparent source of the outage being the result of nothing more than some maliciously modified DNS resource records enabled by a simple password compromise of Twitter’s DNS administrator account with their DNS services provider, Dyn Inc., I’d like to again take this opportunity to share […]

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The Other Attacks Last Thursday

Yesterday morning was a busy time for Internet security. As an illustration of this activity, the graph below shows a summary of attack traffic across the 77 Observatory ISPs reporting anonymized attack statistics. Each line or rectangle represents a distinct attack (we saw over 770 attacks Thursday covering a wide variety of scale and targets). […]

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Where Did All the Tweets Go?

At roughly 9:00am (EDT) this morning, the Twitisphere fell silent (or at least significantly fewer twitters). And though you could not follow the outage via tweets, Twitter’s blog announced the popular site was under DDoS. The below graph shows Observatory data from 55 providers around the world to Twitter’s two NTT hosted addresses blocks:, […]

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Iran DDoS Activity: Chatter, Tools and Traffic Rates

I’m here in Talinn at the CCD COE Cyber Warfar Conference listening to Martin Libicki’s perspectives on information warfare in modern warfare theories. This is an interesting week to be here with last week’s Charter97 attacks in Belarus (with someone from Charter97 speaking yesterday) and the unrest in Iran leading to a wealth of activity. […]

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