Classmates dot com Fast Flux Malware

The Gozi infostealer is running around, this time using new domains and a new lure: a “video invitation from your classmates”. This has been going on all week, too. In an email purporting to be from, you’re told to go look at a web page and join up. To view the video you need to .. you guessed it, download a new Flash player. Don’t worry, they’ll help you out.


They insist, really!


If you don’t “click here” you’ll have it auto-loaded, so don’t worry.


The domain in use for this past hour,, is fast fluxing. If you can, block the hosts via a DNS server or some similar filter.

Via the BFK passive DNS logger we can see one more domain:	 A	 NS	 NS

All worth axing.

The malcode you download, “AdobePlayer10.exe”, is a Gozi downloader (note that the MD5 may change):

MD5: ad2d90eb7c91a316e447358f9e6ed5e2
SHA1: 93d8f3af06bb3f80629bdae1abea4504e8f0eb83
File type: application/x-ms-dos-executable
File size: 3177 bytes

AV detection is fair (from VirusTotal). Same basic thing as the Obama malcode from last month:

  • downloads addons2.exe from a fast flux host using the domain name
  • sends the Gozi data to a host in AS44997, BTG transit route block.

Our friends at Secure Works have an excellent writeup on Gozi. This threat is not dead.

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