Critical Voices DDoSed in Malaysia (and elsewhere)

More political attacks seen around the world, this time in Malaysia. Voices that appear to be critical to the Malaysian government have had their websites, used for communicating with the outside world, attacked in a flurry of DDoS attacks. We’ve been investigating these and have sent information to the CERT team in Malaysia for assistance and to the CERT team where the DDoS controlling servers are located.

The attacks have been noted on Twitter, blogs and websites. The Twitter account for @fmtoday (for FreeMalasiaToday) noted one of the attacks:

FMT ALERT: FreeMalaysiaToday has come under a severe DDOS attack since 4am today. Our estimated time to be back up is 2pm.

Source: Twitter, September 8

FMT moved briefly to WordPress to ride out the attacks, a tactic used by other folks in the past. When under attack, some sites have migrated to a beefier blogging site with more bandwidth.

Malaysia Today has also suffered attacks and is now operating a low bandwidth version of their site to get their message out.

Finally, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s blog also came under DDoS attack.

All of these appear to be voices critical of the way things are run in Malaysia under the current government.

The DDoS controllers involved have also attacked independent, critical voice newspaper sites in Pakistan and Nigeria in the recent past, as well as soccer sites, rogue pharmacy sites, and the like. We are working with others to try and have them disrupted. They are Black Energy botnets, a commonly available DDoS botnet toolkit.

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September 17, 2010 at 5:51 am, Hackers block regime critics in Malaysia « Virtual Shadows said:

[…] in Malaysia. Jose Nazario, senior security researcher at Arbor Networks, claims this on his blog. Not that this is the first time we see political ddos […]

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