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As a complement to a recent post I made here with a list of free online AV scanners, I’d like to share with you a list of free AntiRootkit software for your PC. Especially in light of this past week’s ANI-related malware spate and the new Grum Trojan, you should make sure that you’re always on the lookout for threats. In the past few weeks we’ve seen even more malware that was simply not detected by AV.

Like the AV software list, this is in no particular order, we endorse no one in particular, we offer no warranties or guarantees, and you use these at your own risk.

I hope this list is useful to you. I use a couple of these products regularly on my personal PC and find them invaluable. That said, bear in mind that rootkits are an area of very active research, and people are constantly finding ways to get their rootkit to defeat all known detection mechanisms. Hopefully tools will keep up.

EDITED to add GMER, GhostBuster, IClean, Blacklight, and to change the Panda link based on feedback. Thanks! Edited on April 5 to add SVV.

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April 05, 2007 at 10:11 am, Liquidmatrix Security Digest » Your April 5th Morning Coffee said:

[…] Free AntiRootkit Software […]

April 05, 2007 at 2:02 pm, log.earlax » Anti-Virus and Anti-Rootkit tools at the right price said:

[…] In the course of my work today I ran across a pair of links produced by Jose Nazario of Arbor networks who spends a lot of time analyzing rootkits and viruses. He’s created a couple of handy lists of free anti-rootkit and free anti-virus packages. Now, normally I try to avoid Windows (and also plague), but every so often I get a panicked call from a friend who is trying to salvage a PC from the ravages of some malware. Because they are my friend they put up with my snarky comments for a while and because I am their friend I attempt to help them. For now, I will just direct them to these lists and consider my duty to the poor Windows-saddled user to be done thus leaving me more time for snarky comments. 1175776712 or, 2007 Apr 05, a Thursday. | In Computers, Security, The Internet | […]

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