India-Pakistan Cyberwar: No DDoS

In light of the recent tensions between India and Pakistan following the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I went looking for signs of DDoS attacks in either India or Pakistan, possibly attributable to the other country. I had read reports that some cyberattacks had occurred but they only mentioned site defacements, not DDoS.

Looking at the past ten days of attacks, which covers the terrible incidents in Mumbai and afterwards, we see no such evidence of attacks, both in DDoS traffic alerts and in DDoS commands in botnets. Only a handful of attacks have reached India in this time, most against consumer lines and none against government sites. No similar attacks have been detected in Pakistan in this timeframe.

It seems from here that DDoS as a vector in any cyberwar between India and Pakistan, as it relates to this issue, is not present.

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December 14, 2008 at 5:43 am, r45c4l said:

i think u r wrong here sir, u did not checked this site

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