Packetloop acquired by Arbor Networks

Today we are thrilled to announce that Packetloop has agreed to become part of Arbor Networks. We could not have found a better partner than Arbor, who are an icon in the security industry, leading the way in network traffic management and DDoS mitigation solutions. I say partner, because we see this relationship as more than just an acquisition. It is bringing together two powerful and complimentary security solutions and two organizations who are incredibly similar in every way despite the obvious difference in size. Let me explain.

When we started Packetloop back in 2011, we set out with a singular goal, to create a platform that would change the way the industry performed security analytics. Not just any platform, but one that we would be happy to use ourselves on a daily basis as security consultants.  We also listened to what our customers and peers were saying, the challenges they were facing and the questions they had that were not being answered. The platform also had to solve what no one else had yet achieved; how to process and present network packet captures on a massive scale, from anywhere in the network. This meant processing terabytes of data representing months of network traffic. All of these elements went into the development of Packetloop and drove a cycle of constant innovation that led to us having the first Cloud based Big Data Security Analytics platform in the market.

On this journey we spoke to a lot of different people and got plenty of feedback from different organizations. Everyone had a view on what we were doing, how we could do it better, whom we should partner with and what was missing from the platform. We never let this shift the focus from ensuring we put the best features into the platform, even if this meant delaying a release or re-engineering part of the platform to find more performance or simply present the data in a better way.

But it was our initial meetings with Arbor where we first truly met a group of like-minded security professionals, who fully understood what we were trying to achieve, appreciated the enormity of what we had created and could see the future in our feature roadmap. As we were introduced to the wider Arbor team, we discovered a company culture identical to our own. A team with a sense of focus, committed and passionate about achieving their goals, who had been able to maintain that startup feel. Arbor threw down a challenge to us. Did we really want to build something big? Did we want to revolutionize the security analytics market? With this challenge (building and changing the market) and understanding where Packetloop would fit alongside Peakflow and Pravail, and more importantly how the team would fit into Arbor, completing the deal that led to this announcement today just made sense. See what acquiring Packetloop means to Arbor and you will understand the significance of this deal.

So what does this mean for Packetloop? We have a world-class Big Data Security Analytics platform that now has the backing of an incredible engineering and support team. We will now be represented by a global sales and consulting presence, and we will have access to the ATLAS Intelligence Feed and ASERT research teams. Most importantly for us, Arbor’s belief in what we have achieved so far means that they will invest in further growth of the Packetloop development team locally, establishing an R&D centre of excellence based in Sydney, Australia. This is incredible news for the Australian information security industry and Australian startups in general, and further proof that Arbor is a truly global organization. We look forward to the months ahead where we will integrate Packetloop with the Arbor product suite, and bring to the industry an even more revolutionary suite of security analytics tools that will change the way the people think about Advanced Threat Mitigation.

As this will be the last blog post under the Packetloop banner, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our early access and beta users, customers and free users, blog readers, people who followed us on social media and everyone who turned up at conferences to hear us speak about Big Data Security Analytics. Your feedback and continued support is what drives us and is what makes us keep innovating and delivering the best platform we can. Most importantly I need to thank the Packetloop team, whose incredible efforts have made this announcement possible today.
For more information on Arbor and the acquisition, please see the full press release on the Arbor Networks.

Scott Crane

CEO and Co-Founder

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