Peacomm Postcards Are Not Randomly Appearing

I decided to look a the sources of postcard spams related to Peacomm that I had measured. I honestly expected less variance in the arrival dates and a lot more variance in the download locations. I don’t see any patterns like “Don’t spam on a weekend” afoot here, or anything suggesting they’re avoiding any specific countries. This is only a subset of the data, just based on my inboxes and nothing else.

Postcard by date

The good news is there’s no obvious increase lately. The bad news is that it’s not slowing down.

Enjoy your awesome card!

EDITED TO ADD (based on a comment below requesting more information) To gather the worldmap data I looked at the advertised link in the postcard spam messages. All of the results in this data set are IP addresses, not hostnames. I then used the same software we use in ATLAS to make worldmaps to analyze these IP addresses into a geographic location which is then plotted on the map. I did not try and do any analysis of the “behind the scenes” hosts or the source IPs of the spam. The dates are from the same corpus of messages and are the arrival dates in my inbox, nothing else.

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