Security Employment Here to Stay

There will always be jobs in security. Why, you ask? Because the world has an endless string of bad people, ruthlessly ambitious people, desperate people, or just people willing to go to any length to show that they can do things that they are not supposed to. A couple of weeks ago, there was a great deal of celebration when Abu Al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, was killed. There was a sense that the situation in Iraq was turning a corner, that a strong blow had been dealt to al-Qaeda, and that perhaps the insurgents in the area would finally soften enough to let the region establish a stable government and finally move towards peace. This was not to be the case. Within a few days of Zarqawi’s death, another terrorist, Abu al-Masri, stepped forward and assumed leadership of al-Qaeda in Iraq. With fresh leadership for terrorists, the region is cursed to remain a morass of insecurity and tragedy for the near future. No matter how many times we pick off someone high within terrorist groups, there is always someone just waiting to take their place.

There is definitely an endless line of bad people in the Internet community as well. Simple hacking just to prove you can has given way to major cyber crimes like:

– Theft of critical data from individuals, companies, banks and even governments
– Internet worms made to annoy, corrupt or destroy
– Internet extortion with threats of gigantic DDoS attacks

Organized groups produce complete “families” of malware. When a defense is found, another variant is created. Slammer, Blaster, MyDoom, Sasser, Bagle, Zotob, Dasher, Danser, Pranser, Rudolph…. They just keep coming.

What makes people do this? Ambition, money, revenge, hate, competition, or just because they can… The reasons are irrelevant. People do it and when these people are caught or decide to retire, someone else will come along. That is why there will always be jobs in security.

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