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Understanding the nature of DDoS attacks…

IT Security Pro’s Steve Gold talks to Dan Holden, director of Arbor Networks’ ASERT – Arbor Security Engineering and Response Team, about: What a DDoS attack is… What Arbor’s observations show about these type of IP attacks… The strategies that IT security professionals need to adopt to minimise the effect of a DDoS attack… Is […]

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It’s 2012 and Armageddon has arrived

Breaking Armageddon’s latest and greatest crypto reveals some interesting new functionality Armageddon is one of several notable Russian malware families that are designed exclusively for DDoS attacks; it has been on our radar screens for some time now. Its primary competitors within the market of Russian DDoS vendors are Dirt Jumper (a.k.a. RussKill), Darkness/Optima (a.k.a. Votwup), […]

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DDoS Attacks in Russia Added to Protests

2011, and now 2012, appear to be years of major populist protests regarding political processes around the world. Russia is no different. News reports of protests in the streets of Moscow have been increasing, with protesters demanding election reforms and fairness. It is in this backdrop that we’re seeing DDoS attacks against some websites. A […]

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Attack of the Shuriken: Many Hands, Many Weapons

A visual sample of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS or DoS) attack tools & services compiled by Curt Wilson – Research Analyst, Arbor Networks ASERT There are a variety of popular Denial of Service attack tools that have received a fair amount of attention by the security research community, but there are many other attack tools […]

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