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The Internet Goes to War

If you weren’t paying attention last week, the Internet has gone to war. ABC News proclaimed  “Welcome to Infowar, Version 1.0”. Fox warned of the “growing data war”. And the Guardian provided minute by minute coverage on the opening salvos of this first “Internet-wide Cyber […]

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Round 2: DDoS Versus Wikileaks

In the second round of what may possibly be a protracted Internet skirmish, a denial of service attack briefly blocked access to the cablegate.wikileaks.org web site this morning around 8:00 am EST. On twitter, Wikileaks pegged the DDoS as exceeding 10 Gbps (significantly larger than […]

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Wikileaks Cablegate Attack

Yesterday morning, a DDoS attack temporarily disrupted traffic to Wikileaks hours ahead of the “Cablegate” release of leaked US documents. Wikileaks announced the outage on a Facebook update and Twitter post around 11:00am EST while simultaneously derogating the attack and insisting “El Pais, Le Monde, […]

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