Taking on the biggest challenges and welcoming Packetloop

From our founding more than a dozen years ago, Arbor has studied network traffic. We started as a research project at the University of Michigan, looking at routing instability on large distributed networks. This led from monitoring network traffic, and modeling it, to identifying anomalies related to DDoS attacks. With that, Arbor Networks was commercialized and the concept of wide-scale network behavior analysis was born.

In that time, everything about DDoS has changed. What was once dismissed as a basic attack, or service provider problem, is now a complex, multi-vector threat targeting enterprises. Arbor co-founder Rob Malan tells a great story that sums this up perfectly,

“I remember meeting with a VC back in October or November of 2001 on Sand Hill Road with Farnam…He sneered at us, told us that denial-of-service was a fad that had passed, and that we’d be out of business within six months. It turns out that his firm is the one that no longer exists.”

Just last week, SC Magazine reported that Three banks plundered with DDoS distraction. An application-layer DDoS attack was used to divert the attention and resources of banks away from fraudulent wire transfers simultaneously occurring. This is by no means unique. Multi-vector attacks combine malware, flooding, application and state exhaustion attacks against infrastructure devices all in a single, sustained attack.

No matter how much the threats, and attackers, have changed, security still all comes down to traffic, seeing it, studying it, understanding it, and ultimately leveraging that understanding to deliver powerful analytics that allow defenders to protect their infrastructure and assets in new transformative ways.

With that last sentence in mind, I couldn’t be more excited about Arbor Networks acquisition of Packetloop. Simply put, Packetloop will enable Arbor to leverage our unprecedented visibility and understanding of the network to deliver powerful and transformative analytics and protection capabilities to our customers and the security market.

Why Packetloop? It comes down to four things: people, technology, vision and customers.

First, let’s talk about the people. We at Arbor pride ourselves on having an amazing company culture that is all about employing the best, brightest and most motivated people who are committed to collaboration and problem solving. I truly believe that this has probably been the biggest reason behind our sustained success over the years. When we met and got to know the team at Packetloop, we immediately recognized they brought this same passion and commitment to their work. We also quickly recognized they were the best and brightest when it came to the area of big data, security analytics and bringing disruptive and transformative technologies to market. We knew straight away that we wanted them to be a part of the team at Arbor, and thankfully, they felt the same way.

Packetloop has a set of technologies that address some very difficult security problems that have been and continue to keep customers up at night. They’ve developed a powerful decision making platform that brings context to massive amounts of data that can paralyze security teams.

With Packetloop, Arbor is in a unique an enviable position to deliver a network-based, full spectrum security visibility, detection, mitigation and analytics platform that can scale to terabytes and petabytes of both real-time and retrospective security data.

Like Arbor, Packetloop has a well thought out and innovative vision for the problems they want to solve, approaches for solving them, and the near term plans to execute and make these solutions a reality. In short, like Arbor, Packetloop gravitated toward the hard problems and the innovative solutions that truly deliver as promised.

Finally and most importantly, Packetloop knows how important the customer is, and they want nothing more than to deliver solutions that do what they are supposed to do, deliver meaningful customer value and demonstrate an obvious and demonstrable return on investment in the eyes of users. Like Arbor, they put the customer first, partner with them and help them solve their toughest security challenges.

We are ecstatic to welcome Scott, Michael, Tyson and the rest of the Packetloop team to Arbor. Combining Arbor’s scale, complementing technology, network security DNA with Packetloop’s next generation security analytics platform and big data pedigree is an obvious win for us. Everyone at Arbor is excited and energized. This is a great development for Arbor, our customers and the security marketplace in general. And you don’t just have to take my word for it; you will get to see for yourselves shortly 🙂

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