Upated to CNN DDoS: Delayed?

Via the Dark Visitor blog, we learned last night that the CNN DDoS attacks scheduled for today have been called off. They may just be delayed, which makes sense.

We’re continuing to look into the situation and are actively monitoring things from around the net. So far there have been a few attacks seen by ATLAS (a few SYN and ICMP floods), but nothing too big. All of the attacks have been under 100 Mbps as we can see, well under the mean attack size we typically see.

UPDATE 8PM US Eastern: More attacks to report, with greater intensity. It look s like some people still giving this a go. I cannot, with the data I have, attribute this to any of the Chinese attacker groups that are supposedly behind the rally call, so this could be other parties entirely.

One Response to “Upated to CNN DDoS: Delayed?”

April 21, 2008 at 5:24 am, Benny K said:

Do you have any idea about the impact it had? I checked the site a few times on Sunday and it seemed fine.

Thank you for any insight.

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