What’s New?! – Amazon S3 Bucket Processing + More

Our current focus is the Cloud but that won’t always be our only delivery model. Packetloop will be available on premise but we have a lot to deliver and the Cloud allows us to demonstrate what the product is capable of – fast and iteratively.

In the last week we added some cool new features and we will continue to add cool new things every week. Obviously the ones that Customers need go in first. Here is a summary of the 1.0 releases.

Amazon S3 Bucket Processing

Our Customers are pretty equally split between people who are producing captures from their corporate network and performing analysis in Packetloop and those that have applications that operate 100% in the Cloud. For Customers already in the Cloud copying full packet captures down to their computer and then re-uploading to Packetloop is classic double handling. It would be much easier if they could just push their full packet captures to an S3 bucket and give Packetloop the ability to process their bucket.
We built this functionality directly into the application. All the Customer has to do is make sure they have granted the ability for Packetloop to access their bucket via a bucket policy. The following screenshots show how simple it is to process large captures from an S3 bucket.
Select Upload Files and then S3 Bucket
Select a Capture Point and specify your Bucket Name
Select the files you want to process and submit

The packet captures are copied directly from bucket to bucket avoiding the requirement to download and re-upload the data. It’s simple and fast! After the files are copied they are processed as normal by Packetloop.

In the future we will add scheduling capabilities so we can scan the bucket periodically, find new capture files and seamlessly process them (stay tuned!).

Command Line Upload

Some customers roll their full packet captures over based on time (e.g. 1 hour) or based on size (e.g. 100Mb) and wanted an easy way of getting these captures into Packetloop. We brought forward enough of our API functionality to allow you to login, list/create capture points and upload files. Here’s an example of how to do this using cURL. So now when Customers roll their captures they can fire the script and upload to Packetloop and the next time they login the data will have been processed.

Compression and Archive Support

Packet captures compress extremely well to often 1/2 or 2/3’s of their original size. Packetloop shipped with support for xzip, bzip2, gzip and tar archives but strangely enough no zip support ;( This was addressed in a recent release.

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