Who Doesn’t Love Vancouver in April?

Vancouver in April

Greetings from sunny Vancouver, British Columbia…home of the CanSecWest security conference. This is probably my favorite all-around security conference. Where else can you wake up, look over the harbor and mountains, and then spend the day with good friends in a tight community, hear some of the world’s best and brightest in the field discuss their research, and then enjoy good food in a relaxing atmosphere. It’s just the right size and everyone’s coming off of their winter research.Talks that look good this year:

Jim DeLeskie & Danny McPherson – Teleglobe, Arbor Networks, Protecting the Infrastructure. (Just got out of his presentation…botnet-specific findings were awesome)

Halvar Flake, More on Uninitialized Variables. (Think you’re smart? Sit in with Halvar and you’ll feel humbled.)

Fred Arbogast and Sascha Rommelfangen – S.E.S. Astra, Zen and the art of collecting and analyzing Malware. (I hope this one is good; I welcome learning some new techniques.)

Lisa Thalheim, Visualizing source code for auditing. (Something I miss doing, actually…working on code auditing tools.)

Alexander Sotirov – Determina, Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries. (Mark pointed this one out to me.)

I have to admit they all look good. I should get offline and attend these (it’s Wednesday morning as I write this). See you around the hotel…

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